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                Welcome: Shanghai CQILED Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.
                Language: Chinese ∷  English

                OUR COMPANY

                ABOUT US

                Shanghai CQILED Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.

                CQILED was established in 2015, located in Shanghai, China and specializes in the supply, manufacturing of DMX Controller, DMX Driver, Intelligent lighting control systems, LED Neon Flex, LED Ribbon, LED Module and project design and technical services. We are designated agent of...

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                LATEST NEWS

                DINA-DR1 + NATOUCH-1 Award-winning lighting control solution

                DINA-DR1 + NATOUCH-1 Award-winning

                The award-winning NATOUCH-1 wall-mounted touch panel offers a simple and direct access to the programmed lighting scenes.

                DMX Scene Panel Release!

                DMX Scene Panel Release!

                Use the DMX Scene Panel, You can control the DMX Lighting easy. Program the lighting program on computer, and download to your USB/Ethernet

                Kinetic LED Ball, AWE 2019

                Kinetic LED Ball, AWE 2019

                Kinetic LED Ball, AWE 2019

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